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Proper Ways To Take Care Of Your Refrigerator

6 Tips to Take Care of Your Refrigerator

The refrigerator is most probably one of the essential household appliances at your home. Also, it is one of the most expensive home appliances. So why wouldn’t you take proper care of your refrigerator? These “6 tips” will help you properly maintain your refrigerator.


When your refrigerator fails, it can mess up your day.

If you take good care of your fridge and freezer, it will run efficiently and last longer, so you don’t need to worry about repairing or replacement costs for a while.

Are you wondering what is the proper way to take care of a refrigerator? Well, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Here are some of them as given by our appliance repair professionals:

Set the right temperature

Keeping your refrigerator at a temperature between 30-45 degrees Fahrenheit will allow the internal environment to stay consistent, preserving your food quality. Maintaining the right temperature will also ensure that your food stays longer and better.  If you set your refrigerator’s temperature very low, it will have to run more to cool at a lower temperature; you will just be adding an extra run on the compressor, wearing it out sooner.

Clean out the inside

Food residue, frost or dirt can seem to take over your refrigerator after some time. If you are opening your refrigerator frequently, which is normal to most people, you might spill or forget to close the door. Especially kids who forget to close the door and do not clean after themselves in case of spills.


It would help if you cleaned out the inside of your refrigerator two times a year. Do not buy any food to refrigerate the day you plan to clean your refrigerator. Allow the inside to defrost and then dry it up. After cleaning the inside of your refrigerator, look for a fridge aid to help deodorize and keep your refrigerator fresh.

Ensure the doors seal tightly

When most people take something from the refrigerator, they just shut the door and think they have fully closed it. You might often get back to the refrigerator and find its door slightly open, meaning the gasket has an issue. A gasket is a piece of rubber found on the edge of the refrigerator door to ensure the temperature stays consistent. Clean the gaskets twice a year using baking soda and water to clean any dirt or food residue. If necessary, you can seek help from professionals to replace the gasket.

Clean off cooler fan and condenser coils

Cleaning the condenser coils and the cooler fan is one of the most crucial things to maintain your refrigerator. When dust or dirt covers the coils, this will reduce the energy efficiency. The compressor will run hotter than it would with clean coils. The extra strain on the compressor will reduce its lifespan, causing you stress to replace it.


You should remove the grate at the bottom of your refrigerator and clean it using a brush at least once a year. Condenser coils help in removing heat from freezers and refrigerators. Ensure you have unplugged your refrigerator from the power socket before you start cleaning.


Using a brush, remove all the dirt from the cooler fan, coil, and everything else around there. Use special brushes that help to make cleaning cooler fan and condenser coils easier. Check the manufacturer’s specific cleaning instructions manual in case you have any questions.


Keep your refrigerator full

The more food you have in your fridge, the better your appliance will maintain the proper temperatures. Keeping your refrigerator empty allows warm air to get inside the refrigerator every time you open it. Thus, reduce efficiency. Keeping your refrigerator full will reduce the overall maintenance costs and usage of your refrigerator. Even if you mostly eat outside, at least fill your refrigerator with drinks.

Avoid putting warm food in your refrigerator

Always allow food leftovers to cool down before putting them in your refrigerator. This helps to reduce the amount of warm air inside the fridge and save some run time on the compressor.


Refrigerator Maintenance Conclusion

Your refrigerator is one of the most expensive appliances at your home so you should take proper care of it.  Ensure you set the correct temperatures on your refrigerator, clean the condenser coils and cooler fans to ensure your refrigerator operates efficiently. In addition, ensure your fridge is always full and avoid placing warm food in your fridge to avoid warm air getting inside. When you notice even a minor problem, don’t ignore it. Instead, get in touch with our refrigerator repair experts at Salem County Home Services to look into it.

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