Salem County Home Sponsorship Program

Welcome to Salem County Home Services, sponsorship program. A great way for businesses to meet customers and customers to learn about your business.

We have done the research. Along with over a decade of digital marketing all over the country, and have found weak spots in connecting homeowners with service providers, like yourself.

Each time a homeowner needs a certain project or home repair task, the process of finding a provider starts all over again. Imagine going grocery shopping and having to go to a different store for each item.  That is what it is like for a homeowner trying to get projects done around the house.


Not anymore!


With Salem County Home, Contractor Marketing Network and NJ Home Services Network, homeowners and local companies can connect much easier and everything a homeowner needs is in one place.


Let’s take a look.  


Table of Content:

Customer service and help concept
We are creating the "LOCAL" hub for homeowners to connect and engage with small businesses in Salem County and every county in New Jersey.


Contractor Marketing Network

Since 2009, Contractor Marketing Network has worked with a lot of contractors and home service businesses to increase their marketing, and to drive customer interactions with our clients. We do and have done the marketing tasks our customers need to succeed. 

We have learned what works and what doesn’t in many markets and locations.


Salem County Home Service Logo

Salem County Home Services

The “Hub” for local contracting businesses and homeowners in Salem County, NJ

  • Website
  • Home Improvement Articles
  • Social Media Marketing
  • A Mobile App for Homeowners to contact contractors directly.
  • A Podcast for Homeowners
  • And Much More!


Salem County on State Map

Salem County, NJ

Though the smallest population of any NJ county, Salem County homeowners need a reliable place to get information, connect with service providers and become aware of your products and service offerings.

We have done our homework on the demographics for Salem County. 

Salem County Home Services will be the place they get product info, learn about businesses and contact the businesses for projects they have.


January 2022

Although we have been building the foundations for the better part of a year, we are launching the entire media system in January 2022.

We have our content calendars made, using Google Trends Data for when people search for specific home improvements and services. 

Tests have been run on social media, Search Engines and through marketing software.  


Cheerful aged woman

Make Life Easier for Homeowners

Not everyone knows a plumber or appliance repair company. So they search and do research. With Salem County Home Services, website, articles, mobile App and podcast, homeowners can find what they need locally. All in one place.

It will be the local resource for homeowners in Salem County to find Alarm Systems providers to Waterproofing Contractors and everything in between. 

With 28 services offered, this will be the go to “Hub” where people go to get things done.


Cheerful woman in headphones using mobile phone outdoors

An Omni-Channel Approach

Today, people (you & I) get our information from many sources. Long gone are the days of yellow pages, libraries and newspaper ads. Your customers listen to podcasts, they do their research reading articles, long before they call for services. They ask questions on social media. But, being everywhere is expensive and time consuming. 

Instead of going searching for them, we built a locally focused “Hub”. Attracting them to us and you.

What Is In It For You?

To put is simply, CUSTOMERS.


But so much more. 

Our sponsorship program is designed to make you the local go to company in your field.


Become the area expert.

Your business sponsors the articles, website, and more. Plus, we are developing a Mobile App.


Increasing your brand awareness to a larger local audience. In essence, you will be almost everywhere homeowners look when they have projects, repairs, replacements and remodeling to do.

This platform will be the HGTV, This Old House & Angie’s List all wrapped up in one place and specifically for Salem County, NJ.

As a sponsor you get every lead, contact or request for more information that we generate for a full year.

Only your business gets the business we generate from the platform. 

Cowboy with grey hat, moustache and checked shirt holding a dollar bill
All for a $1 per day!

Sponsorship Media Package

Here is what you get.

  1. Your business gets listed on the “Services” main page, plus on each of the town service pages, all 15 towns in Salem County. Each page has a contact form that, when a customer fills it out, goes directly to you. Your phone number and links to your website will be on these pages as well. (These are known as backlinks and help your website rank better)
  2. Each month, we write an article that we promote on social media that you sponsor. These articles will be related to the services you provide and we send you a copy two weeks before it goes live to get your blessings. Also, you can add your take on the article. Which is directly linked back to your website.
  3. Each month, we give you 2 social media shout outs or recommendations via our social accounts. Tagging your social media accounts in the process. 
  4. We will promote your business on the podcast (Coming in July 2022) and if you like, you can be a guest on the podcast.
  5. Sponsored ads in our bi-weekly newsletter that gets emailed to homeowners in Salem County, NJ.
  6. Become a member of our network of local businesses and influencers in Salem County.
  7. Listed in the Mobile App. you will be at your customers fingertips. All they have to do is “Tap the App!”


  • 16 Services Pages with your company as the sponsor. All the leads are yours.

  • 12 Industry Specific Articles per year. Each article will be promoted with paid social media ads on Facebook and Instagram.  These articles lead back to your website and contact information.

  • 24 Social Media mentions per year at a minimum.

  • 12 Podcast advertisements per year. 

  • 24 newsletter ads per year.

  • 1 Mobile App listing that puts your business at the fingertips of homeowners 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.



All done for you. We generate the traffic (customers) and guide them to your business. Content, Consistence & Conversions.

Sponsorships costs for a full year are $399.00 ($1.09 per day).


Only one business will be the sponsor for each service category per year, so claim your sponsorship today! Let us generate business for your business.
Salem County Home Services App, find local contractors
All your customers will have to do is "Tap the App".
Salem County Home Sponsorship Program
Learn more about becoming a Sponsor, get in front of more local customers and be the expert in Salem County, NJ. Increase your revenue on autopilot.

Special Note:

We have a “Home Services” hub for every county in New Jersey, Delaware, and Southeastern Pennsylvania. If you sponsor one county, you get any additional counties for $100 off the sponsorship price.