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Salem County Home Services is your resource for everything in your home. From alarms to waterproofing and everything in between. Our services make it easier for homeowners in Salem County to find the information they need when doing any home improvement or repair.

There is no need to do a ton of Google searches. We have all the local contractors in Salem County here under one roof…eh website. 

You can rest assure if the contractors or service providers are on this website, they have been vetted, have all the needed insurance, licenses and are legit contractors or service providers. 

We have contractors and home service companies for all 15 cities/towns in Salem County. Best part..they are local companies. 

How to use this website?

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You can either click on your location below or click the services tab in the main menu and click on the service you need. 

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Once on your local page, you will see a list of the service pages. Click the service you need and you can read more about the services provided. Fill out the form on the page. 

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We will be in touch with you with-in an hour during normal business hours (9am-5pm M-F and 10am-2pm S-S). Or if you have an emergency service you can call 609-757-9111.

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