9 Home Maintenance Items That Should Be on Your To-do List

Spring has sprung in Salem County, New Jersey. Along with the longer and warmer days comes spring Home Maintenance. In this article you will find the top things you should do at your home and property this spring.

Inspect your sidewalks and driveways.

Cold rain, ice and snow have a freeze-thaw effect that can take a toll on your concrete driveways, asphalt driveways and sidewalks. Check your driveways and sidewalks for cracks  chips or in the case of asphalt driveways wear and tear on the top coat.

If your blacktop driveways need a coat of sealer, our Sealcoating Contractors are here to help. If the winter was the last nail on your driveways long life, get in touch with a concrete contractor to have it replaced.

Crack in cement driveway

Schedule a heating and cooling systems maintenance check up.

If you have central air now is the time to get it scheduled to have it maintained before the HVAC contractors get busy.  With a properly maintained air conditioning system it will cool better, last longer and your energy bill will be a lot less.

Service repair being done on a heat pump hvac system

Check your home alarm systems.

Test the batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Clean the lenses of any security system cameras that you have.  Take a vacuum and clean any of the screens of your smoke detectors.  You can even put a sump pump alert system in, if your basement or crawl space floods often.

home security cameras, home security company

Spruce up the front of your house.

There’ are a lot of ways you can add curb appeal to your home this spring. Everything from redoing the mulch in your flower beds to painting your entry door or adding a new storm door. If you have any home painting chores to do now would be the time to start them as the days warm.

Colorful fall autumn Chrysanthemums lined up on front porch stoops along a sidewalk

Window & door cleaning.

Spring is the time to clean your windows. Before you open your windows to let in the warm spring breeze. If you’re like many people who hate to clean windows, you can get in touch with a power washing company or a window cleaning service as they offer onetime window cleaning services. If you used salt to clean the ice off of your steps and sidewalks, you’re going to want to take your entry doors and wipe them down to get rid of any salt residue that is on them. 

Women cleaning a window with spray and cloth. Close up

Power wash siding and driveway.

Pressure wash your driveway to get any of the salt that your car or you put on your driveway over the winter.  Also clean off your sidewalks to keep salts from washing into your flower beds and killing your plants. Walk around your house to see if your gutters, siding, and any of the exterior has mold, mildew, pollen or other organic dust.  If there’s only a few spots you can wash it off with a garden hose but if the house is really dingy, call a home washing company to do it for you.

Driveway Pressure Washing

Keep pests from breeding.

After all, it is Salem County and the mosquito is our bird. Take a walk around your property and look for any standing water in wheelbarrows, flower pots or anything else that will trap or contain water. These are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

As the weather warms, ants, bees, spiders and other pests come out of hibernation. Now is the time to have your exterminator give you a treatment.

Pest control, mosquito yard spray

Clean ductwork and vents.

To keep allergies down, you’ll want to have your air ducts cleaned and while you’re at it you can also have your dryer vents cleaned to reduce the chances of starting a dryer fire. 

A homeowner can clean their own dryer vents but for cleaning HVAC air duct vents it is best left to professionals.

Heating and Cooling Unit indoor air quality.

Maintain your decks and fences.

Keep your outdoor structures in top shape. Paint, stain or reseal them as needed each spring. Check your gates, handrails and steps. If your wood fence is missing a picket slat or board now is the time to replace it. 

Wash your vinyl fences and composite decks.

Pressure washing the deck

That should be a good start to get your spring chores off and running. If you find yourself short on skills or time, contact us for services. Our handyman, landscaping companies, home improvement contractors and more, are here to help with your home maintenance needs.

We help homeowners find the right companies for their home improvements, repairs and maintenance needs. The best part is the home repair services companies are local.

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