Concrete Driveway Replacement and Repair

In Pennsville neighbors, visitors or potential buyers often see your driveway first when they visit your home. It should be clean, welcoming, and in good condition to make a first impression. It can set the tone for visitors to the property. Concrete is more durable than asphalt and requires less maintenance. It also has a longer life span.

This guide will cover concrete driveway repair and replacement. We also discuss the costs involved in repairing or replacing it.

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Concrete Driveway Replacement Factors You Should Consider

These are the main factors that affect the cost of installing driveways:


  • Size: An average 2-car driveway in Pennsville is 16×300 feet or 480 square feet. Depending on how far the driveway is from the garage/house to the street, and any extensions that may be available for RV or boat parking, many driveways can be larger or smaller.
  • Thickness: Concrete driveways should not be less than 4 inches thick. However, they may need to be thicker to hold heavy-duty vehicles and/or more traffic. Learn more about the basic requirements for driveway construction in this article.
  • Concrete offers many design options, so this is where there can be the most variation. You can include a color as an integral part of the concrete mix or create a complex stamped and stained design. The only thing that is left to you is how much you are willing to spend. See examples of decorative concrete driveways.
  • Site: Does your driveway have a steep slope? Is it in need of special drainage? These factors can also impact the final cost for your driveway.
Pouring cement in process of pouring concrete into newly paved sidewalk
Driveway being poured in Penn Beach area of Pennsville.

Frequently Ask Questions About Concrete Driveways in Pennsville.

What is the reason concrete driveways crack?

Concrete is composed of cement and water. Concrete shrinks as the concrete hardens and water evaporates. Concrete that is too watery will shrink, leading to cracks. Concrete cracks can often be seen in the first 30 days.


Concrete driveways in Pennsville crack most often because of poor soil conditions beneath the pad. Concrete driveway cracks are usually caused by soft soils or poorly prepared base materials.

Why does the concrete top layer chip off?

Concrete can sustain damage when it is exposed to snow or ice, which melts and then penetrates the concrete and freezes. … The freezing water expands and pushes the top layer, which is thin and weak, upwards, causing spalling (also known as peeling). All exterior concrete should be be air-entrained.

How thick should a concrete driveway be in Pennsville?

Four inches

For passenger car driveways, a non-reinforced asphalt four inches thick is the standard. A thickness of 5-6 inches is recommended for heavier vehicles. For drainage purposes, slope the driveway towards the street at least one percent or 1/8 inches per foot.  Our concrete contractors like to give it 1/4″ per foot if they can.

What is a concrete driveway base material?

The base can be anywhere from 4-12 inches depending on the purpose of the driveway. For most driveways in Pennsville, it is recommended that 6 inches of gravel or crushed stone be used. The driveway pad must be excavated and the soil prepared for proper application.

Concrete walkways and patios require a solid gravel base to prevent concrete from shifting or cracking. Gravel is particularly important for clay soils because it doesn’t drain well. This results in water pooling underneath the concrete slab and gradually eroding it as it drains.

When is it time to replace my concrete driveway?

A driveway made of asphalt should be replaced after 20 years, and a concrete driveway after 25 years. It is not a smart investment to repair a driveway that is approaching this age. Many driveways are in poor condition and could benefit from an upgrade.

Do concrete driveways in Pennsville require wire mesh?

Concrete cracks are inevitable, but wire mesh reinforcement can help to hold it together. It will also help distribute the cars’ weight evenly on your driveway. Steel’s added strength is particularly important if the subgrade isn’t up to standard.

Pouring concrete into the construction of the house. Builders are pouring ready-mixed concrete
Concrete rebar installed on a commercial driveway.

Do concrete driveways require rebar?

Concrete projects with rebar have a greater strength than concrete without it. This is vital for building, roads, and driveways. Concrete driveway projects do not require rebar. For projects such as a driveway, wire mesh is more popular and some contractors even use fiber mesh.

What PSI should my concrete driveway have?

Concrete strength for driveways is typically between 3000 psi and 4000 psi. When ordering ready-mixed concrete, contractors should inform the concrete supplier about the intended purpose of the concrete.

When is the best time to pour concrete?

Fall is the best time to install a concrete driveway. It is dry and warm, with no humidity, so it allows for optimal curing temperature, which will increase the durability and lifespan of your concrete driveway.

Is concrete with a higher PSI cracking less?

Concrete with a higher psi will resist cracking better, but if the stress cracks are not addressed sooner or later, cracks will occur. Concrete slab cracking can be addressed long before the concrete mix is poured.


Is it worth replacing the driveway?

Your concrete contractor may recommend that your driveway be replaced if it is damaged beyond repair. Many homeowners are afraid to replace their driveways. It is considered one of the most costly home improvement projects. A driveway replacement project doesn’t have to be expensive.


Do I need to replace my concrete driveway prior to selling?

You should replace your driveway if you plan to sell your house in the near future. While you may not get a dollar-for-dollar return-on-investment, a new driveway will add more appeal to your home than a patched or cracked driveway, which could quickly scare off potential buyers.

House painter priming concrete floor.
Preparing concrete for a small repair..

Can a cracked concrete driveway be fixed?

Filling cracks in concrete driveways is an easy and inexpensive DIY job. If the driveway was properly installed, cracks can be repaired or filled.


Can concrete from the past be resurfaced.

Concrete resurfacing can make concrete look like new again. Concrete coatings are applied to the surface and offer a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns. This decorative refinishing is possible on patios, indoor floors, and pool decks.


Can you top coat a concrete driveway?

A topcoat can transform a driveway made of asphalt or concrete. You will need to find somewhere else to park while you prepare the surface and apply topcoat. After that, you’ll have a new, attractive driveway that enhances the property’s appearance.

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Is concrete resurfacing expensive?

Resurfacing 100 feet of concrete costs on average $400. Projects that are less expensive can be done for as low as $300, while those that are more costly will cost you around $500. Prices per square foot range from $3 to $6, with some projects going as high as $500.


What is the cost of replacing driveway concrete?

Concrete driveways typically cost between $1,800 to $6,000, or $4 to $15 per square feet. Average costs are just over $3,000, or $6 per square feet. This range can be affected by factors such as location, size, decorative elements and the possibility of reinforcement or removing an existing surface.


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