8 Reasons to Choose Concrete over Asphalt for Your Driveway

A driveway refers to the road leading to the house or building which is off the main streets. In most instances, they are very short, but that won’t make it less significant. You should be aware that the condition of your driveway plays an important role in the value of the house. Today, let’s discuss why you should build a concrete driveway, and not asphalt. 

Now, let’s dive into all the reasons why I want you to choose concrete when building a driveway. If I am to mention one outstanding advantage of concrete, it would be lifespan. Concrete can provide extreme durability, more than any material. Moreover, this material has fewer environmental effects and consumes less energy. That’s one advantage to mention; there are plenty more below:

Increase The Property’s Value

You may not want to sell your house at the moment but might consider it in the future. Why don’t we make the best out of it now? Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of buyers. If you are going to buy a house, do you prefer the one with or without a driveway? I will personally choose the one with a driveway for its convenience.

A driveway can increase your property’s value by 5-10%

A driveway can add some value to your house in general. Building a driveway can cost around $2.000 – 4500 or more depending on the size and work involved. At this point, some may ask if the concrete is a cheap material? Then, how much can it add value to a house? Should we do an asphalt driveway? The value here is longevity and its flexible repair option. 

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Concrete is Environmentally Friendly

In the 21st century, we have to be very cautious about ensuring our home improvement projects do not cause harm to the environment. With this in mind, you might want to consider having concrete over asphalt. If using asphalt it will need to repair it every 3-5 years, a process that consumes many petroleum products. 

A convenient driveway should not be expensive to maintain. Asphalt also needs a lot of energy to get it to the required 200-250 degrees when laying it out. This material requires extra energy that you can save by using concrete.

Superior Surface Materials

When you use asphalt, you are prone to having some sticky materials on the vehicle, your home, and the soles of your shoes. These sticky materials are evaporative oils that get released from the surface, especially when it is hot. 


It also happens in instances where corrosive materials spill on the surface since they activate the production of the corrosive materials. You do not experience such dissolution from concrete which makes it favorable.

Maintenance Cost

When using concrete, you will have an easier time maintaining your driveway. You have the options of using contraction joints and penetrating sealer that cause it to last longer. Sealers keep off deicers, ice salts and prevent the absorption of moisture. Contraction joints are essential in managing cracking that mainly occurs due to expansions and contractions. 

You should be aware that the binder begins to dry out from the day you install an asphalt driveway. It demands that you periodically use seal coating. Unfortunately, even with the continued maintenance, it still does not last as long and wears out quite fast.

Cement pouring during concrete cement sidewalk in new residential home

Concrete is Better for Load-bearing Capacity

In normal circumstances, you might not expect to have heavy vehicles coming to your home.. However, in some instances, that may be the case in the future. It may even take place after you have sold out your property to another person. Since the end is mysterious, it is best to have what is best and long-lasting.

Compared to asphalt, concrete is compact and can handle heavy weights without quickly getting damaged, which is why it remains your best option. On the other hand, asphalt is prone to ruts when we carry heavy materials on it. 

I have seen a home get a new roof and the shingle delivery truck leave ruts in a blacktop driveway

Concrete Doesn't Absorb the Sun's Heat

It would also help to consider that asphalt absorbs heat while cement reflects heat-absorbing very little UV radiation. You may want to test this fact by walking barefoot on the two different surfaces. Your feet will get burnt on the roadway while the concrete sidewalk remains favorable. 

It is important to note that blacktop is more bearable during winter (who walks barefooted in the winter?); however, its effects during summer surpass its benefits during other seasons in the long run. 

Visual Appeal of Concrete Driveways

Grey surfaces made using aggregates are much more appealing than the asphalt. There are also various designs for the same that you may want to consider having according to your preference and taste. 

You can talk to your concrete contractor and get just about any decorative finish you desire.

Colored surfaces give you the right to choose between dark and well-lit surfaces. You can also choose to have stamped concrete that blends very well with the different architecture, making them suitable for your home design. Exposed textures also work very well and give three-dimensional looks that are very attractive.

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Life-cycle Expense

Using blacktop is less expensive upfront, which may cause you to think that using it is cheaper while it is not. Using concrete, on the other hand, lasts longer than it by up to 60%. 


The savings you will make upfront by settling on the asphalt will be used up during maintenance. Unfortunately, you will not only use up your savings but also use up much more time, especially for driveway maintenance. 


Conclusion on Concrete vs. Asphalt Driveways

Driveways are incredibly convenient, which is why you need to have them at home or even at work.. With all its benefits, it would be unreasonable to ignore that some materials work better than others. Whenever you think of having a durable driveway, choose concrete for the long run. 

Also, as part of maintaining your driveway, make sure to always keep it clean. You can easily do this by contacting a driveway cleaning company near you and let them take care of it. 

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