6 Reasons You Need A Back-up Generator


Many Salem County homeowners are concerned about the duration of a power outage in New Jersey. You can rest assured that your home will be powered up with a backup generator permanently installed.


Generac whole-house generators are installed by our electricians. Generac home generators have been the industry leader in home backup power. That is why our electricians decided to sell, install, and maintain these generators.

A home backup generator supplies power directly to your home’s electric system. It can back up your entire house or any essential items that you require, depending on its size. These generators can be connected to your existing supply lines or tanks and run on natural gas or LP propane.


A backup generator doesn’t need to be turned off or started. It will do that automatically, regardless of whether you are home or away.


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6 Good Reasons for a Whole Home Generator

Whole House Power

You can have power right away with a permanent generator for your home. There’s no need to pull out a portable generator or extend cords. Next, run the cords to all appliances that you require to be powered (e.g., a fridge, Cpap heater, or air conditioner).

The chances of an extension cord fire can be reduced by having a whole-home backup generator.

Your Generac generator will automatically turn on power when the power goes out. This allows you to use your appliances and lights as normal.

Remote Monitoring

Generac Generators provides FREE Mobile Link(tm). You can monitor your generator from any device, including a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Even if you’re not there, your home will still have power.

Generac’s home backup generator detects power loss and turns on automatically to provide backup power. It will continue running until normal power comes back on. It doesn’t matter how long it is without power, whether for hours, days, or weeks.

Using smart home app on tablet
Mobile Link (tm) allows you to monitor your home power from anywhere.

Generator Works in Any Weather Condition

The main power grid can be shut down by severe weather events, such as snowstorms or rain, sometimes without warning. Your whole house backup generator will continue to run even if the power goes out, regardless of weather conditions.

Permanently-installed units are designed to run for days on end, whereas portable units are really only meant to function as short-term, maybe a few hours. A standby generator is the best option if you need a unit to power all your electrical appliances for a week.

Backup Generator to Provide Automatic 24/7 Power

Do you really want to have to worry about grabbing a portable generator and starting it up each time the lights go out. You can have power immediately with a backup generator.


Long-Running Times and More Wattage

Generac’s home generator is directly connected to underground fuel supplies so you don’t have to worry about refilling it like with a portable, low-wattage generator.

You want to be able to power all your electrical appliances and systems when the power goes out. A portable generator that has a limit on the wattage can only power certain things. It will power your entire house with a Generac home backup generator.

Power Surge Protection

An interruption in electricity supply can often cause a power surge. The surge of electricity can cause serious damage to electrical components in your house if the power is restored. An automatic home generator can stop power surges from damaging your electrical equipment, computers and other devices.

The automatic generator will turn on if the power goes out. There is no loss of power or surges.

Power Surge
Generac Generators come with Surge Protection

Home Generator Conclusion

These are 6 compelling reasons to get a whole-home generator installed instead of a portable one. Our electrical contractors can help you choose the right Generac generator for your home. Get a FREE Quote Today!

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