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Each week, we will have a new article in the “Real Estate” section of Salem County Home. Get your questions answered by a local Salem County expert in real estate. You can write in questions you have and we will have professionals answer your questions.


All answers will be given by a license professional that practices the topic. ie. (Lawyers for legal, lender for mortgage, insurance agent for insurance and realtors for real estate buy/sell.) We will as post the author of the answer for your reference.

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Your questions may be published here in the “Real Estate” Section. You will be notified via email when your question and answer will be published.

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Our expert panel will be: 

  • local real estate agents, 

  • homeowner insurance agents, 

  • mortgage lenders 

  • and even real estate attorneys. 


Not only will the answers be locally focused, but also from experts you can rely on that are in your neighborhood. 


Get your questions on buying a home to real estate legal issues answered. We have the experts to help with your real estate problems, questions and issues.

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