How to Waterproof Your Foundation

It should come as no surprise that Salem County homes are prone to wet foundations. Yet, there are numerous methods for waterproofing foundation walls. They mean utilizing various materials and devices. They all have their strong advocates and critics as well. But the bottom line here is that waterproofing foundation repair in general, which is otherwise known as exterior waterproofing foundation repairs and walls, has more advantages than anyone could ever imagine. These advantages make it the most advisable solution to any problem in your foundation walls.

One of the main advantages is that you can keep your basement dry even when there is a constant flow of water coming from outside. Waterproofing foundation walls keeps out moisture and keeps your basement dry and safe. When your basement is flooded, this can cause massive damage and cost you a lot of money to fix. Not only do you suffer from the water damage caused by the excess moisture in your basement, you also suffer from the mold that develops because of the dampness. Mold allergies are quite common with people suffering from mold allergies.



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Advantages of Foundation Waterproofing

Another advantage of waterproofing foundation walls is that you can prevent the water damage from happening to your basement or crawlspace. Foundation sealing is a very important procedure and it should be done properly or else you can spend a lot of money clearing all the mold and dampness out of your basement only to have the same problem crop up again some time later. Waterproofing a basement with a membrane is a good way to prevent such problems from happening repeatedly. A membrane, which is also known as a membrane crack seal is a special type of coating that has several major advantages.

Moisture and leaks create enormous amount of vibrations in a space. These vibrations are an important factor in any building construction and are especially harmful in case of damp-proofing foundation walls. Any structure that has a foundation and is comprised mostly of concrete or other porous materials will experience a great amount of vibration if it is wet. By using damp-proofing materials, you can prevent dampness and moisture from damaging the interior part of the wall.

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Waterproofing Materials

It is important to keep in mind that there are different types of materials that can be used for waterproofing foundation walls. There are different compositions of polymers and other materials that can resist moisture and provide an extremely effective barrier against dampness and water penetration. Damp proofing walls require additional measures to prevent soil from leaking into it. This is usually done by using waterproofing paint or a mixture of both strategies.

Foundation Repairs

If you are looking for a perfect solution for a damp basement, then you must begin by eliminating the source of moisture. For example, in most cases, your main door must be sealed using an effective sealant to prevent any water from penetrating the space. If your basement wall is made of concrete, then you must ensure that there are no cracks in the concrete, or the sealant is not sufficient. Small cracks may not pose a problem in dry conditions, but in wet conditions, they can lead to water seeping into your interior. A special type of paint can be used for this purpose to waterproof the cement.


After you have repaired the cracks in your foundation wall, you must also waterproof the interior space. The ideal way of doing this is by using a waterproofing membrane. A waterproofing membrane is a thin sheet of plastic or other absorbent material that acts like a membrane by gathering all the water that enters the space through the gaps in the foundation. Using a waterproofing membrane is a simple and effective solution to your foundation repair problems. However, many times it is required to use a combination of methods to seal the walls completely to prevent any further water penetration.

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Waterproofing Conclusion

Foundation damp proofing and sealing are necessary to prevent excess water from seeping into your basement. It is not a difficult job and can be done easily by an experienced foundation repair contractor. The cost of waterproofing foundation walls depends on various factors such as the size and depth of the cracks, type of basement, location and other specifications. It is best to consult with a reputable waterproofing service provider who can guide you through every step of the process.

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