Should You Install USB Wall Outlets?

A USB outlet is a wall socket with one or more USB ports. This plug can be used in conjunction with the standard outlets. You can plug your device into the wall like you would with a standard two- or three-prong outlet. This will allow you to charge them quickly and efficiently. The charging cord of a device can be plugged straight into the outlet.

Electrical outlets can be used to power smartphones and tablets, as well as home appliances. To meet your charging requirements, USB outlets combine three-prong slots and USB ports. Although it may seem minor, this has many benefits for your home.

The Benefits of USB Outlets

  • Faster Charging
  • Convenience
  • Reducing the Number of Adapters
  • Versatility


The majority of USB outlets are faster than other charging methods and make it easy to charge your phone. You don’t need to worry about a car plug or an AC plug as most cars have USB outlets. The only thing you need is the charger cord. This makes installing USB outlets in your house a time-saving option. Where did I put the adapter?

Running modern extension power strip with many different USB DC output ports
No more powerstrips that look like this, when you use USB wall outlets.

Common Questions About USB Outlets

Are USB Outlets Secure?

The ports use about the same amount of power that a computer does; it is safe as long as manufacturer-approved cables and cords are used.

Are USB Outlets as Good as Regular Outlets?

An outlet can charge devices faster than traditional plugging.

Is it worth buying USB wall outlets?

Their connections are small and can hold two USB devices and two receptacles. The three-pronged items can be kept by homeowners and used as needed even after they get USB ports. A house can have a lot of utility and value from USB wall outlets.

Which charger is faster? USB or outlet?

A USB port on a TV or laptop can charge a device with a current of 500 amps. … You can charge your device up to 40% faster if you plug it directly into an outlet with a USB port.


Is it possible to replace an outlet with a USB one?

The USB charging receptacle is easy to install and works in the same way as standard outlets. You should have basic electrical skills to be able install one.


Is it possible to replace a GFCI outlet by a USB outlet?

As long as the outlets are listed by Underwriters Laboratories and properly installed, yes. You should not replace a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), outlet, with a USB outlet unless the GFCI receptacle is protected.

What is the cost of installing a USB outlet in Salem County, New Jersey?

Installing a USB wall outlet is easy, but you should use an electrician. Installing a USB electrical outlet will cost you between $100-150.

USB Wall Adapter with outlet plug.
No need for USB outlet adapters which take up plug space.

Top USB Wall Outlet Brands

There are many things you should consider when shopping for a USB outlet.

  1. Check the dimensions to ensure that the USB outlet fits into the box.
  2. Amps/Watts are the power that your outlet can supply to charge your device. The majority of outlets can supply a combined output, so charging two devices simultaneously will take longer than charging one.
  3. Type of USB: First, check your cables and devices to determine what type of USB they are using. Then, make sure you purchase a compatible outlet.
  • Leviton Wall Outlet USB-A: Both the USB ports provide 18 watts combined, and you get 12 watts if you only use one. Smart chips in the outlet recognize your device’s charging needs and optimize the charge. You can choose from six colors for the Leviton T5632, which you can match with your decor or outlets.
  • Leviton Wall Outlet USBC: If your device uses USB-C, such as an Android phone, there’s a clear benefit to connecting it to a USBC outlet. It will charge faster.
  • Topgreener Tu21558AC Wall Outlet Both USB A and C: This outlet is much cheaper than the comparable Leviton Leviton T5633 Wall Outlet

USB Outlet Conclusion

You should install USB outlets if you own any tablets, phones, or other USB-charged devices. It would be ideal to have USB outlets near your sofa, bed, or any other place you use. What would happen if your phone died while you were using Tik-Tok?

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