Toilet Replacement Types & Styles

So it is time for a new toilet in your home. Replacing a toilet is not a major home improvement project, but for many Salem County, New Jersey homeowners it can be a tough decision. Other than color, style or shape, your toilet still has one job, to get rid of number 1 and 2. 


Before you go out and buy a new toilet, arm yourself with a little knowledge about the many types of toilets so you not only get the one that looks good in your bathroom, but gets rid of the waste in one flush, not several, plus allows your to design your bathroom the way you want.

In this “Toilet Replacement Guide” we will explain the toilet types to replace the old toilet. Toilets are a long-lasting investment and should not be taken lightly. Let’s check it out..


  • One-Piece Toilet
  • Two-Piece Toilet
  • Up Flush Toilet
  • Small Compact Toilet
  • Corner Toilet
  • Wall Mounted Toilet
  • Tankless Toilet
  • Pressure- Assisted Toilet
  • Touchless Toilet
  • Dual Flush Toilet


Most of these types of toilets come in models with elongated bowls that offer added room and comfort or round bowls. Some toilets even come with what the manufactures call a comfort height toilet which is about 2 inches taller than a standard toilet. So after you figure out what type of toilet fits your needs, you can shop for the type of bowl shape and seat height you want.


repair toilet
Two Piece Toilet Installation in Pennsville, New Jersey

One-Piece Toilet

This is the one of the replacement or new toilets where the toilet’s tank is connected to the bowl, making the whole toilet one unit.

The clear advantages of these toilet types is that the size of the water tank is typically smaller and there is no crevice between tank and bowl. Making it easy to clean.

Most one-piece toilet comes with a toilet seat so factor that into the cost of the one-piece toilet. 

The other great thing about one-piece toilets is its shorter breadth from the wall and you need not worry about putting the tank together with the bowl and seat. The only installation process is mounting the toilet properly with the toilet drain flange on the floor and the toilet water supply.

Best One Piece Toilet: Glacier Bay 1-piece Dual Flush Toilet.

One Piece Toilet Cost: $200-2,000 Average Price $300-400


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Two-Piece Toilet

This is probably one of the most common types of toilets that you will see in Salem County. Opposite to the one-piece toilet, the water tank and the bowl are separated, and thus the tank has a larger volume to store water.


Most people today go for a 2 pcs. toilet. The greatest factor is the durability and TOTO Drake II, for example, is one of the two-piece toilets that can last for decades.


The two-piece toilet is common, easy to repair and replace parts. The only thing you really need to be careful with is which brand you choose. You can’t go wrong with Kohler, American Standard or TOTO.


Best Two Piece Toilet: TOTO Promenade 2-Piece Toilet

Two Piece Toilet Cost: $175-400 with an average for a suitable model for $250.


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Up Flush Toilet

One great example for an up-flush toilet is the toilet by Saniflo. What makes up-flush toilets unique is that along with the technology of Saniflo, you can install a toilet in any place you like in your house, because you don’t need a drain line beside it. Making it the perfect toilet for a basement turned living space. 


These macerating type toilets and the Saniplus system are also good in a garage or other outside bathroom facility. 


Best Up-Flush Macerating Toilet: Saniflo Sanicompact Self-Contained Upflush Toilet

Up-Flush Toilet Cost: $500-1200 with an average of $800 


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Compact Residential Toilets

They designed compact toilets to fit in small bathrooms. Due to their small compact designs, they are perfect if you want to save space or are just struggling to fit a loo in there.


They usually, toilets with no tank or just small in size. These types of toilets are great for a tiny powder room, small office bathroom, or even motorhomes and boats.


Now you can have more space in your bathroom to give room for vanity cabinets, storage or other bathroom items.

Best Compact Toilet: Saniflo 023 Sanicompact 

Compact Toilet Cost: $275-850+


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Woman hand presses the toilet flush button
Woman hand presses the toilet flush button

Corner Toilet

These toilet types are often called a triangle toilet, and the reason for this is evident because the water tank is the shape of a triangle and thus it can comfortably fit into the corner of your small bathroom.

The point of corner toilets is that they can squeeze right into a tight space. However, these toilet types are rarely bought unless there is a need for more space and design restrictions.

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Wall Mounted Toilet

Wall hung toilets offer, Clean, space-saving design and are sought-after toilet types. Mostly when speaking of a wall-mounted toilet, we are referring to the bowl being attached to the wall, and it is elevated not touching the floor. The nicest part of these toilet types is that it appears to be tankless.


However, it is not literally without a tank. The tank is hidden inside the wall. Imagine it — a toilet without a tank, with only a bowl hanging on the wall. It makes the cleaning process so much easier and you never have to worry about leaking problems from the tank.


If you want to switch from normal toilets to a wall-hung toilet, the process can require professional help. So, you will need a little help with plumbing and installing it to make sure it is stable, immovable and doesn’t leak..


Best Wall Hung Toilet: Kohler Veil  K-6299-0

Wall Mounted Toilet Cost: $800-1200 for toilet and inside wall tank.


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Tankless Toilet

Wait, how does a toilet without a tank work? Well, these types of toilets are linked straight to the pipe, and when the water is rushing down the pipe, the tankless toilet’s bowl has an electric pump to make the flush powerful.


Tankless toilets usually have a wider pipe compared to other types of toilets, and it is because the bowl needs a higher volume of water to make a clear flush.


The benefit of tankless toilet types is the contemporary design, and the size is much smaller. However, the installation is sometimes complicated and if the battery is dead, the toilet can’t flush.


There are mechanical tankless toilets that do not need an electric pump but it will not be as clean as a powerful flush and you would need a lot of water to push the waste down the pipe.


Best Tankless Toilet: Kohler Avoir Comfort Height K-46006

Tankless Toilet Cost: $600+


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Modern toilet interior design, hanging toilet bowl and brush, tiled walls and floor.
Modern toilet interior design, hanging toilet bowl and brush, tiled walls and floor.

Pressure-Assisted Toilet

Usually these toilet styles are more common for the commercial use of restaurants, but it is getting more attention in residential areas.


The function of pressure-assist toilets is that when the water pumps into the valve, it creates air-pressure in the chamber. And when the flush button is pressed down, it releases the pressure.


The positive aspect of these toilet types is it flushes efficiently and makes the bowl cleaner, but the downside of the pressure-assist toilet is that it is noisy and costs more compared to normal gravity flush system toilets.


Best Pressure Flush Toilet: Sloan Toilets 

Pressure Assisted Toilet Cost: $300-800+


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Touchless Toilet

Touchless toilets are types of toilets where you don’t have to touch the handle or the flush button to open the flush valve. Most toilets can be converted into a touchless toilet.


Toilet manufacturers like Kohler or American Standard sell a “touchless toilet flush kit”. For the DIY it means you could modify your own toilet’s flush button into a sensor and when it detects movement, the valve will automatically open itself. 


Most smart toilet styles that you can consider touchless are smart toilets. They already have sensors that flushes the toilet when you stand up. So you do not have to touch the toilet flush button or handle.. They are expensive though. Welcome to smart technology for plumbing fixtures.


Best Touchless Smart Toilet: American Standard

Touchless Toilet Cost:$300-800+


Best Place to Buy a Touchless Toilet near Salem County #shop

Dual Flush Toilet

If your toilet has two buttons, then you probably have a dual flush toilet. These two stage flush toilets first were introduced in the 80’s, so they have been around for a few decades.


The two button flush toilet system relies on the siphon to flush. It has two water holes located on high and low. The dual flush is used for waste or your liquid waste. The water usage is 1.6 gallons for solid waste or 0.8 gallons for liquid waste.


While the dual flush toilets, water-saving benefits are obvious. The only drawback is dual flush toilet costs are higher than most single flush toilets. Depending on your water usage the cost could be offset by utility bill savings.


Best Dual Flush Toilet: American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet

Dual Flush Toilet Cost: $200-450 plus installation.


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Toilet Replacement Conclusion

There are many styles and types of replacement or new toilets to choose from. Pick one that allows for more room, design features and/or saves water. Our pick for the best overall toilet is the Kohler Corbelle. With its comfort height toilet seat (about 2 inches taller) and Revolution 360 swirl flush system, you can’t go wrong. The Comfort Height feature offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults. It uses 1.28 gallons of water with one flush. 

Best Overall Toilet: Kohler Corbelle K-3814-0

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