You are currently viewing Best Sump Pumps for Your Salem County Home. Plus Where to Get Them

Best Sump Pumps for Your Salem County Home. Plus Where to Get Them

Five Best Sump Pumps for Basements and Crawlspaces

In this article, we’ll pick five of the best electric sump pumps, representing a wide range of capacities, features, and prices. If you’ve had to deal with basement or crawlspace flooding, we’re sure one of these will meet your needs and budget.


Any home in Salem County that regularly experiences even the slightest water penetration into the basement or crawl space should be equipped with a sump pump. For the uninitiated, a sump pump is simply a submersible electric pump that sits in a hole, called the sump pit. The pit is located at the lowest corner of the basement or crawlspace, so that when flooding occurs, water drains directly into the pit.


When water in the pit reaches a predetermined level, the pump automatically kicks on and pumps the water to an indoor drain or outdoors through a PVC pipe. When pumping the water outdoors, it’s important that the water is released onto a downhill slope and well away from the house so that it can’t drain back into the basement or crawlspace.

Battery-Backup Sump Pumps

Although we won’t get into battery back-up sump pump systems in this article, we do want to mention them so you are aware of them.

When properly installed and maintained, electric sump pumps do a great keeping basements and crawl spaces dry. Although, they do have one flaw: The pumps don’t work during a power outage. Often, severe rain and ice storms knock out your electricity. Therefore, many sump pumps fail when they’re most needed.

The good news, you can avoid this relatively easily by installing a battery-backup sump pump. This two-stage sump pump system includes both a 120-volt electric pump and a 12-volt backup pump that runs off a deep-cycle marine battery. The pumps are connected and placed in the sump pit.

After the flood.

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Five Best Sump Pumps

WAYNE CDU980E Sump Pump

If you want to sleep soundly with no worries about water and noise, this Wayne unit is one of the best submersible sump pumps on the market.

For pure pumping power, it’s hard to beat the Wayne CDU980E. Driven by a massive ¾-hp motor, it can pump out a remarkable 4,620 gallons of water per hour. If your home has frequent and/or heavy flooding, this pump is the one you want.

Average Cost of the Wayne CDU980E around $180.00


Superior 91250 Sump Pump

When budget is a factor, the Superior Pump 91250 is the best sump pump for the money.

This ¼-horsepower sump pump measures just 7 inches in diameter by 12 inches tall, but don’t be fooled by its compact size. It can pump out 1,800 gallons of water per hour, and it can push water vertically up to ten feet high. And weighing in at just under seven pounds.

It features multiple discharge and hookup options to make it simple to set up for any homeowner.

Average Cost of a Superior 91250 Sump Pump around $60.00

Zoeller 57-0001 Sump Pump & M53 Submersible Sump Pump

The Zoeller Pump Company, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is a family-run business that has been manufacturing high-quality, reliable pumps since 1939.

The 57 model features a heavy cast-iron housing, base, and impeller and has a corrosion-resistant, powder-coated epoxy finish. The oil-filled, high-capacity 1⁄3-hp motor has a maximum flow rating of 2,580 gallons per hour, and the 1.5-inch-diameter discharge port handles solids up to ½ inch across.

The Zoeller 53 model, has a flow rate of 2,580 GPH. A cast-iron casing keeps the motor inside safe from damage. A three-year warranty backs up the reliability of this submersible pump.

Average Price for a Zoeller Model 57 $200.00

Average Price for a Zoeller Model 53 $185.00

Little Giant 506160

The Little Giant 506160 weighs 15 pounds and has a maximum flow rate of 2,760 gallons per hour. It handles solids up to 3⁄16 inch in diameter and pumps water vertically up to 18 feet high through its 1.5-inch-diameter discharge port.

This is a good all-round sump pump with a medium price. It is easily installed by a DIY homeowner. 


Average Cost of a Little Giant 506160 Sump Pump around $150.00

Basement Watchdog BW1050 Sump Pump

With 4,400 GPH flow, its narrow footprint, this sump pump will fit sump pits as small as 7” in diameter. 

Not only do we like the compact size but the 10 foot electric cord makes it nice for reaching far away electric outlets, without the use of an extension cord. The caged float switch system is also another nice feature. 

The Basement Watchdog BW1050 Sump Pump Retails for around $130.00

Sump Pump Conclusion

You can’t go wrong with any of these sump pumps. But, your use will be different than another homeowner. So, pick a pump that is right for your uses. Check how far away your electric outlet is, what type of piping you need for discharge and if you know the water problems your basement or crawlspace face, get a pump that can move a lot of water fast. 


Where to get a Sump Pump in Salem County, NJ

104 N Broadway, Pennsville, NJ 08070


 RTE 49 &, Cottage Ave, Quinton, NJ 08072


 35 E Griffith St Penns Grove NJ 08069


Center St, Elmer, NJ 08318


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