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Quinton Township has a population of around 2,600 residents, living in roughly 1,100 homes throughout the township. These communities located within Quinton Township include Berrys Chapel, Harmony, Mickles Mill, Pecks Corner, Woodmere and Woods Upper Mill. Salem County Home Services serves you all. 


If you live in Quinton, you have one of Salem County’s oldest and only lumber yards with Smick Lumber. But did you know in March 1778, during the American Revolutionary War, a minor battle was fought between British forces and local militia at Quinton’s Bridge? The monument is right across from the lumberyard.

Home Services in Quinton, NJ

Salem County Home Services’ goal is to make your life easier as a homeowner in Quinton, NJ. Not every homeowner knows a plumber, electrician or a tree care specialist. The website and this page in particular, is your page for all the local home services a person could ask for. All easy to find and navigate. 

We do our best to find home service providers in your neighborhood. Sometimes this is not possible, with meeting our criteria of service partners. But, rest assured, they are local to Salem County. 

On this page you will find not only the services our partners provide, but help with information in regards to local numbers for things like building inspections, town halls and things of that nature. 

As stated, this website is about community and making homeownership less stressful when it comes time to repair, replace, remodel or renovate. 

We hope you like it, enjoy it and find it helpful.

Your Home Services Resource in Quinton.

Salem County Home Services is your resource for everything in your home. From alarms to waterproofing and everything in between. Our services make it easier for homeowners in Salem County to find the information they need when doing any home improvement or repair.

There is no need to do a ton of Google searches. We have all the local contractors in Salem County here under one roof…eh website. 

You can rest assure if the contractors or service providers are on this website, they have been vetted, have all the needed insurance, licenses and are legit contractors or service providers. 

We have contractors and home service companies for all 15 cities/towns in Salem County. Best part..they are local companies. 

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This website is yours, your input, feedback and comments are welcome so that we can make your life easier as a homeowner. 



Quinton, New Jersey Building Codes, Zoning and Planning Information

Quinton Local Phone Numbers & Websites


Quinton Township Municipal Building

P.O. Box 65 – 885 Quinton Road

Quinton, NJ 08072

Phone: (856) 935-2325



Quinton Township Construction & Building Code Office



Construction & Building Code 

Office Hours Are 4:00 P.M. – 5:30 P.M. Every Wednesday

Phone: (856) 935-2325 ext. 6 

Jack Palumbo, Code Officer

Email: qtnch@quintonnj.com


Quinton Township Building Sub Code Application



Quinton, NJ Plumbing Sub Code Application



Quinton Township, NJ Electrical Sub Code Application



Fire Sub Code Application



Quinton Zoning Permit Application



Quinton Zoning Complaint Form



Vacant Property Registration Form



Quinton Township Housing Office

Robert Schmid, Housing Officer

Housing Office Hours Are 4:30 P.M. – 6:30 P.M. Every Wednesday

Phone: (856) 935-2325 ext. 5  

Email: zoning@quintonnj.com


Quinton Rental Property Registration Form



Quinton Township, NJ Certificate Of Occupancy Application



Quinton, NJ Certificate Of Occupancy Guideline



Fire Safety Memorandum



Quinton Township, New Jersey Septic Certification Guideline



Quinton, New Jersey Tax Maps



Quinton Township Zoning Map 


Coming in November 2021

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