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Kitchen Flooring Types for Homeowners

Flooring for Kitchens

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Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so when trying to come up with the best kitchen flooring, the choices are many. The kitchen is the most used room in your Salem County home; it comes into contact with various elements that may damage it. Things get dumped in there, there’s nearly always a spillage and there’s a lot of foot traffic. A good place to start when looking to renovate your kitchen is the flooring, something that can make or break your room! So what is the best flooring for the kitchen?


In this article, we give you the top four flooring types for your kitchen and some pros and cons, along with the major brands. Let’s take a look.

Kitchen Vinyl Flooring

Whether you’ve decided it’s time to give your kitchen a renovation, or you are trying to increase the value of your home by updating, a kitchen redesign is no simple feat. One important task which is often overlooked is the kitchen flooring.


For those with children, vinyl is a good option. It is a softer alternative to tiles, so it is less likely to break if anything falls. The softer surface makes it more comfortable for walking on as well. Luxury vinyl is one of the most affordable flooring options available, so it’s great if you are working with a small budget. 


There are even now vinyl surfaces that have been designed to look like tiles from a distance. The major downside to using vinyl is that it may not last as long as more durable options, like tile or laminate.


Major Brands of Kitchen Vinyl Flooring 


Tile flooring installers in Salem County NJ

Kitchen Tile Flooring

Tiled kitchen floors have been a popular choice amongst kitchen designers for a long time. It’s best to consult a reputable specialist to get the best professional insights. Porcelain doesn’t come cheap, but it is highly durable and waterproof. While it might tempt you to go for ceramic tile options, these aren’t durable, so they won’t weather the pressure of kitchen activities, as well as porcelain would. The only issue with tiling is that the flooring is very hard, which means that it could cause breakages should you drop a breakable item, like a coffee mug, ceramic plate or glass.

The Major Brands of Kitchen Tile

You can find out more of the major tile brands here.

Kitchen Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a safe option, and an extremely common option for your kitchen. Ideal for busy family households and first-time buyers, as it’s so affordable. Laminate is extremely easy to clean, with it only needing a quick sweep and mop a few times a week to keep it looking great. Laminate flooring is very robust and will withstand plenty of foot traffic without showing wear for years. Ideal for the kitchen, laminate is always a reliable option.


Major Brands of Laminate Flooring


  • Mohawk 
  • Pergo 
  • Shaw 
  • Armstrong 
  • AquaGuard 
  • Dream Home


Laminate Flooring Best Brands.

Sheet vinyl Contractors

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is the old standby, having been around for centuries. Wood flooring’s luxurious natural look is unmatched. It can add a sophisticated look to your home. But how suitable is it for the kitchen? Well, the answer is it’s not the best and much more suitable for other rooms. The reason is that solid wood is no good when it comes into contact with water and stains, it also scratches easier.. But don’t worry, there are other options. 


Engineered wood is a lot easier to keep clean and is much better when it comes into contact with water, as well as being much more affordable. Engineered wood looks identical to solid wood, with better maintenance qualities and much better for your kitchen. Plus, it has a really long-life span, which is great since your kitchen experiences a lot of abuse!


Major Brands of Wood Flooring


  • Bruce
  • Carlisle
  • Lumber Liquidators House Brands
  • Hearne Hardwoods
  • The Woods Company
Kitchen Floor Type Conclusion

Each type of flooring has its pros and cons. So your specific family needs, the look you are going for and budget will all come into play. Another thing to consider in these times of material shortages is to check with your local dealers or installers to see if the type of flooring you want for your kitchen renovation or remodel is available. And if so, what is the lead time to get it?

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