7 Tips On How To Protect Your Home From Burglars

It goes without saying, everyone wants to protect their own home, family and valuables. It’s scary to know that there is an intruder in or has been in your house. Not to worry. In this article, we will discuss the 7 tips on how to protect your home from burglars. Now, let’s dive in!

Always Lock Your House

It would be best if you did this even when you are home. It’s better to lock the door whether an intruder might get through it or not. This precaution will make it more difficult for an intruder or burglar to enter your home. Also, make sure that your locks work properly, and you feel safe.


It’s also a good idea to close your windows when you aren’t home or sleeping. Or if your windows have the security stops, use them so the window only opens a few inches to let in some air.

Locking entrance door with a smart phone

Use Curtains & Blinds

Curtains can block visions from the outside looking into your home. Burglars will look for houses of valuable assets, and it would be best for them not to collect information. Information such as the layout of the home, where the valuables are and if you are home. This method can also deter potential stalkers or peeping Toms. 


They will also be able to see into your home more easily at night if the lights are on.  After the dark sets, close your curtains and blinds.

Senior Man Opening Bedroom Curtains And Looking Out Of Window

Install Outdoor Lighting

You can install outdoor lighting to make it difficult for intruders to hide. So make sure it’s well-lit. To keep your home lit, use your porch light. Install outdoor floodlights at each end of your house.

If your backdoor light is on, you can also leave it on at night or have them set with motion detectors. Consider the location of street lights around your house. These lights can help you keep your home lit without the need to put in as many outside lights.

Install Cameras

You should install a security camera on your front door and in your garage. If the burglars see the camera, they might reconsider breaking into your house. The police can use your camera footage for clues. First, they need it to catch the burglar. Later on, the officers will use shreds of evidence collected to convict the intruders in court.

As a deterrent, you could install a visible camera in your garage and on other out buildings. You could also install a video doorbell that records who visits your home’s front door. These are also good for delivery security. 

Set Up A Home Security Alarm

These are great to alert police and scare away intruders. Get a home alarm! An alarm will give you security and peace of mind. Plus, they are affordable.  Also, the alarm might be loud enough to scare the intruder. Alarm companies will dispatch help as soon as the alarm goes off.

Plus, alarm companies will give you a sign to place in the yard telling burglars and criminals of the protection you have as a deterrent.

Controlling home security from a mobile device

Motion and Door Sensors

Protecting your home from invasion is an important thing. All entrances and exits should have door sensors installed. These devices will sound each time there is an action at an entryway.

The sensor is excellent for homeowners who have small children or who have a pool. The door sensor will sound when an exterior door opens. For added protection, you can add sensors to windows.

These are great companions with the security cameras as you won’t be staring at the video display on your smartphone or alarm system control panel.

Make Friends With Your Neighborhood

Always be friends with your neighbors. It’s better to have many eyes than one. Talk to your neighbors about keeping an eye on your home when you aren’t there. If they see any suspicious activity, ask them to contact you or the local police.

Home Protection Summary

When it comes to protecting your home from criminals, knowledge is power. You can prevent home invasions by being more aware. Home security equipment can give you peace of mind as well as control over your family’s safety. You may even be able to save money on your homeowner’s insurance. Do not live another day in fear.

I hope this article about how to protect your home from burglars helps you.

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