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What is a GFCI? Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are used to prevent electrocution. The GFCI cuts off power if you experience a shock. GFCIs are usually installed where electrical circuits might accidentally come in contact with water. GFCI outlets are vital for safety and are required by the National Electrical Code.

GFCI outlets help reduce the danger of electric fire by monitoring the current and cutting power when necessary. They can even be used in outlets with no ground wire or older 2-prong outlets.

To protect against shock, GFCI outlets must be installed in all wet areas of the house. This includes bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, crawlspaces, basements, and outdoor spaces such as backyards. GFCI outlets are also required for hot tubs and pools.

Are GFCIs Safe?

In the past, more than 800 people were killed by household electrocutions each year. Today, it is less than 200. More than 140,000 electrical fires are caused annually, with 4,000 injuries and 400 deaths. Every home should have GFCI outlets, even those with older 2 prong outlets. GFCI outlets are affordable and protect people from shock as well as household fires. Spend the money to upgrade your 2 prong outlets to GFCI outlets.

Correctly Test GFCI

American homeowners don’t properly test their GFCIs in accordance with safety guidelines. Every month, test all GFCI outlets at your home. It’s easy to test GFCI outlets in your home. Simply press the “test” button to verify that electrical flow is intact. Then press the “reset” button to restore power.

Work on installing electrical outlets with electrical wires and connector installed in kitchen
GFCI being used in the kitchen backsplash.

Common Questions About GFCI Outlets

How can I tell if there is a GFCI outlet?

It is easy to identify a GFCI receptacle. Look for the reset and test button at the outlet’s face.


Is it possible to replace the regular outlet with a GFCI?

A GFCI outlet can be used to replace any type of electrical outlet. Correctly wired GFCIs can also protect other outlets in the same circuit.


How much does it cost to replace a GFCI outlet.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets cost $17 each. Prices can range from $15 to $25. An electrician will install a GFCI outlet for $120-200. The cost of the outlet and labor is included in this price. An hourly rate for hiring an electrician is between $80 and $150. For installing GFCI outlets, most electricians charge a minimum of one hour.

Do I need an electrician to put in an outlet?

Although an electrical outlet might seem simple, it should be installed by a licensed electrician. An electrician will ensure that your outlet is installed according to the electrical code.


Why is my GFCI outlet not working?

GFI outlets and GFCIs may not be reset if there is a ground fault at a regular outlet or elsewhere downstream. There’s a good chance that there is a ground fault at one or more downstream wires or receptacles or other electrical devices. A faulty GFCI could be a problem.

What is the difference between GFCI and GFI?

GFI vs GFCI Ground fault circuit interrupters, (GFCI), and ground fault interrupters are identical devices with slightly different names. Although GFI is more common, GFCI is still more popular.

Hot tub
You will need GFCI Outlets for outdoors receptacles, and near pools or hot tubs.

How long can a GFCI outlet stay in service?

One flaw in all GFCI outlets is that their circuitry eventually fails, most often after 10 years. At this point, they cease to function properly.


What does a red lamp on an outlet signify?

Red lights indicate that the GFCI outlet is in need of attention. To reset the GFCI, press the RESET and TEST buttons. You can then use the outlet if the light turns green.


Is it possible to install a GFCI with no ground?

Although a GFCI outlet without ground wire may not be ideal, it is better than a 2-prong one. A GFCI outlet can work without a ground wire, and it is legal.

Washing machine
The outlet for your washing machine should be a GFCI, if it is up to electric codes.

Is it possible to trip a GFCI outlet?

The purpose of circuit interrupters or “trips”, as they are often called, is to reduce the danger of electrocution or fire. If they trip, it is an indicator that there is a problem.


Do you need a new outlet for GFCI?

Your outlets may need to be replaced if they show signs of discoloration or cracks. Cracks in an outlet can expose electrical wiring and pose potential hazards. For maximum protection, we recommend replacing damaged outlets with ground fault circuit interrupters.

GFCI Outlet Conclusion

It’s a known fact that GFCI prevents the spread of electric fires and saves lives. Even older homes without ground outlets (2 Prong) are helped by GFCI. If your GFCI outlets don’t function, you can replace them. Contact one of our electricians today if you have any questions or need assistance. It could be life-saving for you, your family and your home.

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