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5 Places to Buy Plants for Flower Beds in Pennsville, NJ

Garden Centers in Pennsville, New Jersey

Spring is a time to clean up the yard and start planting in your flower beds. If you are a resident in Pennsville and are looking for the best places to buy flowers, plants and shrubs, then this article is for you.  


Take a Saturday morning ride around Pennsville, up Broadway Route 49 or stroll down Hook Road and you will find some great deals on flowers, plants and shrubs for your yard landscaping needs. We support shopping locally for your home and garden needs so here is our list of locally owned flower and garden shops in Pennsville.

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Costello’s Garden Market, Deepwater New Jersey

Costello’s has been around for decades. Many people on the south side of the Deepwater Canal seem to go over the Delaware Memorial Bridge instead of the Deepwater Canal Bridge to buy flowers and garden needs. 


Costello’s has 48 Google reviews and a 4.8 star rating. They are located at 586 N Broadway, Deepwater, NJ 08023 and you can call them at (856) 299-1783


If you read their online reviews you can see one thing stand out. Great customer service! They are one of my stops when shopping for landscape flowers and plants each spring. Their prices are more than you would find crossing the bridge and going to Delaware, but the plants, shrubs and flowers at Costello’s are much better.


Grab a coffee at Wawa with the money you save on bridge toll and head to Costello’s for your garden & landscape needs.

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Halter’s Farm Market on South Hook Road, Pennsville New Jersey

When one thinks of places to buy plants in Pennsville, they seldom think of Halter’s Farm Market. Known locally as a produce and small farm market, they have some really nice plants they sell from time to time. They should be on your garden shopping list of places to checkout for plants and flowers for your landscapes. 


Halters is located at: 74 South Hook Road, Pennsville, New Jersey for those that don’t know where it is. 

Garden of Eden (Walton’s Old Flower Shop)

Known as a flower & gift shop, Garden of Eden also sells plants. If you are one who enjoys planting in containers, then this flower shop is for you. As you shop for your Rose bush plants you can take in the fresh smells of flowers, which pumps up that Spring feeling. 


They sell Orchids and Succulent plants which plant nice in crock style clay planters around your deck, patio or front porch. This local shop has several locations around Salem County. 


You can reach them at (856) 678-3611 to check availability and store hours.

Pennsville Community Hardware (Formerly Shimp’s Hardware)

Shopping for your landscaping needs is easy at the Pennsville Community Hardware. Not only can you purchase your flowers and plants, but you can also get the tools and garden fertilizers there as well. If you are short on time you can get everything for your landscaping needs in one place, that way you can start your landscape projects sooner. 


The store is located at 104 N Broadway, Pennsville Township, NJ 08070 for any out of town visitors who want to see what they have to offer you with the Spring yard to-do list. With over 150 reviews on Google and a rating of 4.7 stars, you can trust the employees at Pennsville Community Hardware to help you in your Spring chores. 

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All Seasons Landscapes

All Seasons Landscaping is located at the old Mom & Pop’s garden center at 439 S Broadway, Pennsville Township, NJ 08070. They not only have plants but are landscape contractors as well. You can purchase mulch, shrubs and other plantings from All Seasons Landscaping. 

If you are also in the market for concrete pavers, then talk with the owner Bruce. They are certified in interlocking pavers and are an EP Henry authorized contractor. They do lawn care also, so if you need someone to take care of mowing your lawn or property maintenance contact them at 856-678-6000.

Pennsville Farm Market

Located down the road from McDonalds on Route 49 next to the custard stand is Pennsville Farm Market. 358 N Broadway, Pennsville Township, NJ 08070.

Like Halters Farm Market, they are locally known as a place to buy fresh produce. They are often overlooked as a good place to shop for your Spring, Summer and Fall plantings.  Their reviews on Google are good, so you know they will treat you right.  

This family owned farm market has been in business since 1952. They source their product locally, so we give them a thumbs up.  While you are there, get an ice cream next door and enjoy the Spring weather.

You can call (856) 678-2334 to find out what is available. 

Garden Center Conclusion

See what we did there? We gave you 6 instead of 5 garden centers, flower shops or farm markets in Pennsville to buy your landscape plantings.  Nice thing is they are all locally owned small businesses. And from the reviews, mentioning great customer service, these markets & shops appreciate your business.  Go check out what they have to offer your yards planting needs.

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