Reasons to Remove Dead Trees

A healthy tree is a wonderful addition to your property. The shade and wind-buffering they provide annually can reduce energy costs by nearly 2 billion dollars. If your tree has died, these benefits disappear, and you may face safety problems. It doesn’t matter how your tree died; getting it removed should always be a priority. You may be able get tree removal through tree pruning services if you are already using them. These are five reasons why tree removal is important.

Tree on a house due to Hurricane and tornado storm damage
Tree limb on a home in Pennsville, New Jersey

5 Reasons You Should Get Dead Trees Removed

  1. Safety. Perhaps the most important reason to remove dead trees, is safety. As trees that are dead can become more vulnerable to being uprooted by storms or high winds, they can pose a danger to your safety. It could lead to damage to your home, neighbors’ homes, cars, or even family members depending on where the tree is located. A large tree can pose a danger that is even more severe.
  2. Expensive Tree Services: You can find low-cost tree services, but the cost of tree damage is not so affordable. The majority of tree damage will be covered by homeowner’s insurance. However, negligence (i.e. If a tree is damaged beyond repair, homeowner’s insurance will cover most of it. However, if the damage was caused by negligence (i.e. This also includes damage done to the neighbor’s property.
  3. Pest Infestation – Additionally, pests such a mosquitoes and beetles love to nest in dead trees. They can cause further damage to the wood and also infest your home if they are not careful. You can prevent an infestation by contacting tree removal services immediately.
  4. Spreading Infection Tree Removal is crucial if your tree is dying from disease. You may notice a yellowish appearance and cankers. You should immediately remove any tree that shows any of these symptoms to prevent others from contracting the infection.
  5. Appearance Dead trees aren’t a danger to your safety and can decrease your property value. This is especially important if you plan to sell your home.

Dead Tree Removal Conclusion

Dead trees can be unpredictable. A strong wind can cause thousands of dollars of damage. Do not wait for it to be too late if you have a fallen tree on your property. Get a tree removal company today and you will save both time and money in future.

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