Concrete Construction Experts in Woodstown

When it comes time to replace, repair or install concrete on your driveway, sidewalk or patio, trust the cement experts at Salem County Home Services. When looking for a concrete company in Woodstown, New Jersey, look no further than this website. Getting your free quote is as easy as filling out the form on this page. We respond on the same day, so no more hunting for your concrete contractor or waiting for a callback that doesn’t happen.

Driveway Concrete Contractor in Woodstown, New Jersey

Need your driveway concrete installed, repaired or replaced? We have your cement driveway services right here. For driveway construction, Salem County Home Services installs the right concrete mix at the right thickness with a good sound base for your needs. 

Concrete slab contractor

Concrete Sidewalk Contractor Woodstown

Are your sidewalks lifting, cracked or sunken? We are experts in concrete sidewalk construction. We repair, install, and replace concrete sidewalks for homeowners and businesses.  No more tripping hazards that your insurance company warns you about. No more grass and weeds growing up in the concrete sidewalk cracks. We build our concrete sidewalk to proper specifications and thicknesses. Get your FREE Quote from us today.

Concrete Patios and Pool Decks in Woodstown, New Jersey

Looking for a backyard concrete pad? From decorative concrete patios and pool decks to a simple place to have a BBQ. Our patio concrete pads are strong, look great and drain water away from your home. Concrete patios are cheaper than pavers, with less maintenance. Concrete patios are a durable, low maintenance and relatively inexpensive option when compared with other materials. Get your free estimate today.

Concrete and cement finishers in Salem County, NJ

Decorative Concrete, Stamped Concrete in Woodstown, New Jersey

Decorative concrete comes in many forms. From a simple artistic broom finish to adding colors to concrete and other methods, such as stamped concrete or stencils. Basic stamped concrete costs between $8 and $12 per square foot, but more involved projects can be as expensive as $18 per square foot. How much you’ll pay for stamped concrete varies.


  • decorative concrete sidewalks and driveways

  • decorative concrete floors

  • decorative concrete resurfacing

  • epoxy concrete floors

  • stamped concrete patios

  • decorative concrete overlays

  • exposed aggregate concrete

Concrete Repair Company in Woodstown

Concrete repairs come in many forms, from a simple crack or patching to structural concrete repairs. If concrete is not properly maintained, it can lead to deterioration caused by corrosion opening it up to a plethora of other issues which is why it is important to maintain your concrete pads, walkways and structures.


High performance concrete repairs.

  • Concrete crack repairs

  • Concrete surface repairs

  • Concrete structural repairs

  • Foundation repairs

Concrete Foundations, Garage Slabs and Pole Pole Pads

Salem County Home Services concrete contracting partners are the local experts for home foundations, concrete garage slabs and pole barn floors. Our contractors apply the best in concrete coatings on garage floors to protect, seal and beautify your concrete floors. 


  • New home foundations and additions

  • Garage floor replacement

  • Pole barn floors and slabs

  • Garage floor epoxy and finishes

  • Basement and crawlspace floors

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