This article will give you tips on how to pick shingle colors to complement your home. Consider your roof as an element of your exterior decorating! Your roof can account for up to 40% of your home’s visual exterior, so it deserves as much consideration as you’d devote to its interior design. You may be asking, “What color roof should I get for my house?” This article is for you.


The steeper the pitch or slope of your roof, the more you’ll see the shingles from ground level. When selecting your asphalt roofing shingles, choose a color and style that will enhance your home and draw the eye upward toward any special details, like dormers and gables.


Color is too important a factor to ignore. Not only does it have a psychological effect (calming, soothing, exciting, etc.) on us, it can serve other purposes.


You know doubt have questions. Some common ones are:

  • Should the roof be darker or lighter than the house?
  • What is the most popular roof color?
  • What color roof lasts the longest?
  • Does a dark roof make a house hotter?
  • Does a lighter color roof keep your house cooler?


Keep reading to find out.

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House Color & Best Roof Shingle Color

According to roofing industry research, one of the greatest challenges many homeowners face is how to match shingle colors that complement their home. A new roof is an investment that you and your neighbors will have to live with for many years. The right color and style of roofing shingles will also make a great first impression from the front of your home, enhancing its curb appeal and potentially boosting its resale value.


When it’s time to replace your roof, you may also want to consider changing up your roof color. Are there better color options than what you have on your roof right now that would enhance the overall exterior? It’s easy to just pick the same roof color that you already have or that your roofing contractor suggests. However, a new roof is a big investment, and you might as well pick the roof color you want so that your home feels like, well, your home.

Avoid feeling limited by what you already have on your roof – unless you love the color, of course!

Common House Colors and the Best Roof Colors to Match.

  • Weathered Wood or Log Houses-Shingle colors for weathered wood or log houses include brown, green, black, grey. Consider a shingle with a high-definition profile to mimic the look of natural wood shakes. 


  • White Homes-White houses allow the roof to be a truly blank canvas. Almost any color will look fantastic; it comes down to other variables, such as your neighborhood, home’s architectural style and your personal preference. Shingle colors for white houses include brown, grey, black, green, blue, white.


  • Brown Homes-Shingle colors for brown houses include grey, brown, black, green and possibly blue.


  • Beige/Cream Siding Homes-Shingle colors for beige or cream-colored houses include brown, black, grey, green, blue in solid colors or an exciting color blend, as long as it doesn’t clash with the other exterior elements.


  • Light Grey & Blue Homes-Suggested shingle colors for grey houses: grey, black, green, blue, white.


  • Red or Brick Homes-A home’s brickwork is a fairly uniform red tone, the look and texture of these shingles in various shades of grey work especially well. If the brickwork had had a patchwork of various colors, this choice might have clashed. Suggested shingle colors for red brick houses: dark brown, black, grey, green.
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What Style of Home Do You Have?

Always select a shingle color that complements yet contrasts with your home’s exterior elements, no matter what style of home you have. 


If everything matches, the overall look will be bland and boring.Victorian, Queen Anne, Colonial, Plantation and other historical homes look best in traditional colors. Choose dark grey or black, either in solid colors or varying shades to mimic the look of natural slate tiles or brown, to evoke the look of genuine wood shake construction. Dark green or blue might work well too, depending on the color of your current siding. Asphalt shingles are ideal for roofing those angles, multiple planes and rounded turrets too.


Rustic homes, waterfront or rural properties have a more casual, less formal, look. Weathered browns and greys, muted greens will complement natural surroundings and the home’s relaxed vibe.


Think of your shutters or exterior trim as well. A painted front door can even set off your roof’s color to enhance curb appeal.

How to select the right roof color for your home.

Dark Roof Shingles vs Light Colored Shingles

The old theory of darker colors absorbs heat and lighter colors reflect heat. And maybe help keep your home cooler.  Although you have to take what some say about energy savings with a grain of salt. Adequate ventilation and the quality of your home’s insulation are what really determine its energy efficiency. 


Plus with the weather cycles we have in Salem County, if the dark roof  theory heats your home, it could be a blessing in the winter. 50/50 on the benefits of lighter and darker colors for your roof. 

Roof Color Simulator App by GAF Roofing

Roofing Apps to Help You Decide a Shingle Color

Check out how different asphalt roofing shingle styles and colors will look on various types and colors of home. With these roofing color simulators.

The GAF VIrtual Remodeler is the one we like the best. But you play around with the three roof color simulator apps and see for yourself. It will help you pick not only the right color, but also the style you want.

Don’t Forget Your Other Buildings Roofing.

Outbuildings need roofs too. Asphalt roofing shingles can also protect and enhance a variety of other structures, such as detached garages, tool sheds, barns, guest houses, gazebos – even dog houses!

Dog house roof

Roof Color Conclusion

Your roof’s first line of defense against the elements that is also the most visible. Shingles help protect your home and impact its overall exterior design and curb appeal. If you are in the process of getting your roof replaced, Salem County Home Services has just the roofing contractors for you.


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