Shower Enclosures for Bathroom Remodels

The shower enclosure in your bathroom can truly make or break its vibe and usability. But unfortunately, it gets little to no attention during most bathroom remodels in Pennsville. It leads to you making unplanned mistakes, like putting up a shower curtain in a small bathroom and making it appear even smaller. So, make sure your bathroom & shower enclosure planning in Pennsville, NJ includes this advice. So you avoid any regretful decision later.


Showers are an inspiration from nature, such as a waterfall or a warm summer rain. Shower enclosures are necessary spaces in a house’s bathroom. People equip their bathrooms with beautiful vanities, fancy showerheads, and unique faucets that offer a contemporary look to bathrooms. But, what about the shower enclosure or walk in shower? It most likely will take up the most space in your bathroom. 


Most homeowners don’t realize the importance of their shower, thereby forgetting to concentrate on it in the bathroom remodeling plans. You should hire bathroom remodeling contractors that know shower enclosures and bathroom layout or design. 


“What are the shower types?” Continue reading to find out.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Shower Enclosures?

The shower enclosure retains the steam while you shower. Therefore, the warmth inside makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Making it a steam bath as much as a shower.

Other benefits are:

  • It provides privacy.
  • Shower enclosures prevent water from flooding outside the bathroom.
  • You can organize your bathroom shower as you prefer.

4 Types Of Shower Enclosure

Appearance and size play an important role while selecting the shower enclosures. It can be of any shape. 


  • Square, 
  • Rectangular, 
  • Semi-oval, 
  • Half-circle, 
  • And more. 


You can choose the space depending on the size of your bathroom. Let’s have a detailed look at how to select a bathroom space:

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Square Shower Enclosures for Bathroom remodeling
Square Shower Enclosures

Square Shower Enclosures

Square shower enclosures will help you save space. Therefore, installing it onto a wall is very easy. It has the same length on all four sides. The main material that the manufacturers use is glass, and it allows a view of the outside. The illusion makes the space look bigger.

Sharp angular designs have become a bathroom staple in modern bathrooms, making the square shower enclosure a surefire option for those looking to amplify the appeal of a bathroom, while saving space.

Shower types for Pennsville Bathroom remodeling
Rectangular Shower Enclosure

Rectangular Shower Enclosures

If you are looking for a rectangle shower enclosure for your Pennsville remodel, ask your remodeling contractor to provide the options for rectangular enclosures. It is longer and is ideal for an irregularly shaped bathroom area or those who want more space.

Transform your bathroom into a stylish shower area with the rectangle shower. Most feature a single sliding door, to keep splashing to a minimum. 

Bathroom remodel in Pennsville, New Jersey
Oval Shower Enclosure

Semi- Oval / Quadrant Shower Enclosure

A semi-oval or quadrant shower enclosure is perfect if you want a bigger shower space. It maximizes the scope compared to the rectangular and square shower enclosures. These Walk-In Showers offer a spacious shower experience. Designed with pleasing curved contours, the shower cubicle’s screen provides a practical enclosure that prevents splashes. The enclosure of choice for those looking to heighten the style of a fresh bathroom renovation, offset quadrant showers provide a notable minimalist look while still providing stellar functionality.


Round Frameless Shower
Round Frameless Shower

Round Shower Enclosures

“Half-circle shower enclosures are mostly preferred by the consumers as more stylish and modern than the other types of enclosures.” – says one of our bathroom remodelers. Moreover, the installation for this type of enclosure is a bit complicated. Therefore, getting professional help may be necessary. 

These make great choices for showers in small areas, where a sharp corner of a square shower whould not work.

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